Housing project is on the table

By Rod Haxton, editor

A regional housing development program that could result in four homes being built in Scott City’s Eastridge Addition has been proposed to the Scott City Council.

The project is being put together by Northwest Kansas Housing, based in Hill City. As of this week, investors had yet to make a final commitment to the project, according to executive director Loyce Schamberger.

In a presentation to the Scott City Council, Schamberger said tentative plans are to purchase four lots immediately north of the home that’s already been built in the addition. NKH wants to build four single-family units with basements.

Rent would be based on income, with Schamberger estimating it would range from $500 to $600 per month. The occupants would enter into a 15-year lease-to-purchase agreement.

Schamberger informed the council that the NKH is working with investors with a goal of putting together $7 million for the construction of 38 housing units in eight counties.


“This is not a sure thing,” she emphasized. “Even though the need exists, we’ve had a tough time selling this project in northwest Kansas.”

If the investors come through, housing group would be under a very tight time frame. They would have eight months to complete all 38 units. If that happens, construction would begin in Scott City in June or July.

Because of the number of homes that would need to be constructed in a short time, Schamberger said some of the projects would be site-built and others would be Wardcraft homes.

City Attorney John Shirley reminded Schamberger that whoever owns the homes would also be responsible for curb/gutter/street special assessments.

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