Late catch gives Herndon repeat title

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Justin Meireis weighs a 6.94 pound catfish that was caught by derby champion Kent Landon (far right).


Justin Meireis weighs a 6.94 pound catfish that was caught by derby champion Kent Landon (far right).

By Rod Haxton, editor

It came down to the wire, but Kent Landon, Deerfield, once again walked away with top honors at the Lake Scott Catfish Derby last weekend.

The seasoned veteran claimed top prize money of $500 with a total weight of 25.36 pounds during two days of fishing.

Richard Harp finished second with 20.84 pounds and Pat Herrera, a fishing partner with Landon, picked up third place money with 19.98 pounds.

Landon also received top prize for the largest fish of the weekend (6.94 pounds) while Jason Foos of Ness City had the distinction of reeling in the smallest fish (.46 pounds).

Landon found success fishing the channel leading into Lake Scott, but with the deadline approaching at noon on Sunday he was in third place.

“The big one I caught only 30 minutes ago,” said Landon as they were weighing his catch.

Like most anglers in the tournament, Herndon had the most success on Saturday when he caught his limit of five fish. He only added three more fish on Sunday, but he made the most of them.

“It was great (Saturday), but pretty tough today,” said Landon at the conclusion of the tournament. “I caught 15 or 20 fish on Saturday, but I just couldn’t catch any big ones.

“Normally, I like to drift on the lake, but I didn’t have time. I fished the channel the whole time,” he says.

There were 59 adults and four youth competing in the tournament. They caught 119 fish totaling 197.42 pounds.

Harp was the only one to catch his limit of five fish each day.

Kim Hall, Scott City, had the largest catch on Saturday with a catfish weighing 6.2 pounds and measuring 25 inches. It was one of three fish she caught on Saturday, but she was unable to add to her total on Sunday, finishing in sixth place with 8.78 pounds.

Caelen Arendt, 12, Colby, was one of the youth trying his luck in the tournament.

“I come here a lot with my mom and dad,” he said, noting it was his first tournament.

He didn’t catch any catfish, “only some bait fish,” he said.

But, he wasn’t complaining.

“I would do this all day if I could,” he said.

Joe Smith and Melanie Niles caught two fish on Saturday, but didn’t have any success on Sunday morning.

“We were in the carp tournament, but this is our first catfish tournament,” said Smith.

The two fish they caught came during a heavy rain early Saturday evening.

“Usually when you get a good rain the cats will start biting,” Smith said.

They just didn’t keep biting.

Also competing in their first catfish tournament were Luke Hertel, Bazine, and Jason Foos, Ness City.

“We bounce between here and Cedar Bluff, but this is probably our favorite,” said Hertel.

“This lake is fun. It’s more peaceful,” Foos noted.

The two friends caught 50-60 sunfish on Saturday, but the catfish were harder to come by.


Foos ended up with six fish weighing 4.48 pounds.

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