USD 466 BOE weighing building plans

By Rod Haxton, editor

Plans for upgrading, renovating and possibly adding to attendance centers in USD 466 (Scott County) were again reviewed by the board of education at Monday’s meeting.

Most of the discussion centered on revised drawings for Scott City Elementary School, though there was also discussion about how the district might utilize property it owns in the block immediately east of Scott Community High School.

Earlier plans that had been prepared for the board included the possibility of adding more classroom space and a tornado shelter on the west side of the building.

Monday’s drawing had eliminated that plan since it would eliminate some playground space. Architects have now presented a proposal that would call for construction of a cafeteria/commons area on the south end of the gym.

This would slightly alter plans for a more secure entrance into the building.


One advantage of the larger cafeteria would be scheduling. 

The current cafeteria only has room for one grade level at a time while the proposed cafeteria would have enough space for two grade levels.

It was noted that the existing cafeteria isn’t large enough to accommodate the fourth grade class and its 96 students. That became an issue recently when there wasn’t enough seating for the students and about 10 parents who were joining their youngsters for a noon meal.


Wrestling/Weight Room

There continues to be discussion about relocating the wrestling room and weight room from a lower level at SCHS.

Rumford acknowledged that the district didn’t live up to its obligation to provide public access to a weight facility, but said that the configuration of the room makes that nearly impossible. If the doors and elevator at the south end of the room are closed off to prevent public access to the rest of the high school, that leaves just one access door to the area. That, says Rumford, isn’t acceptable to the State Fire Marshal.

There also continues to be ventilation and moisture issues which have created problems for wrestlers and weight lifters.

One possibility is to construct a new facility across the street that could serve as the weight room, contain the learning center and include other classroom/office space. The current weight room is about 3,200 square feet. A building of about 11,000 square feet could be built on school property to the east.

The board also briefly discussed renovation of Scott City Middle School and the possibility of constructing a facility on school property to the southwest. If that facility were to be built, it could contain classrooms while renovation of the middle school was taking place.

If not, Rumford says the district would have to lease mobile classrooms which he estimates would cost about $85,000 a year.


In the meantime, board members plan to continue giving community members tours of the facilities in order for more people to gain an understanding of the district’s needs given the increasing enrollment. Anyone who would like to schedule a tour can contact the administrative office.

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