More housing on drawing board in Eastridge

By Rod Haxton, editor

More housing is on the way in the Eastridge subdivision.

Scott County Development Director Katie Eisenhour informed the Scott City Council on Tuesday there are tentative plans to build eight additional homes on South Maple Street.

Sam Brookover, who is one of the two owners of property in the subdivision, has indicated interest in extending the current Maple Street housing development for another block with four homes to be built on each side of the street.

Four homes on the east side of Maple Street that are being financed through Northwest Housing, Inc., are scheduled to be completed by Grand Choice Renovations in April.

Eisenhour said she will be conducting public meetings in the next couple of months to explain to potential buyers the qualifications to purchase those homes.


Eisenhour is also hoping to see future development on Chestnut Avenue, a block east of Maple, as part of the recently approved Moderate Income Housing grant program.

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