115 attend Turley family reunion

The annual Turley family reunion was held Aug. 14 at the Wm. Carpenter 4-H Building, Scott City. There were 115 in attendance.

Attending from Scott City were:

Virginia Turley; Elise Wright; Laurie Chavez and Matthew; Brandon and Joan Turley; Dale and Shelley Turley; Steve and Tamela Turley; Lorena Turley; David and Evelina Turley; Penifer Keller; Marilyn Cauthon; Jim and Jan King; Bob and Neta Wheeler; Jean Ann Turley; Noel and Mel Turley.

Joe Smith and Melanie Niles and Jeffrey; Lesley Joe Wright; Delmar Turley; Faye Stewart; Carol Heim; Kent Stickler; Chad and Veronica Wishon and C.J.; Desirae Honeyfield; Rex Turley; Brandy Wright, Rusty Farr, Kendal and Sawyer Farr; and Kathy Wright and Justin.

Out-of-town guests were:

Gary Turley, Greeley, Colo.; Willie and Cindy Graham, Strafford, Mo.; T.J. Rowe, Bashor; Franklin and Carolyn Turley, Baldwin; Roy and Tina Turley, Kurt and Ashlee Logan, Kalie and Karlie, all of Modoc; Laverl and Nancy Turley, Santa Maria, Calif.; Sandi and John Lewis, Bret and Stacey Dunn, all of Abbyville.

Cleta Engelhardt, Scott Engelhardt and Rily, all of Haswell, Colo.; Darrell and Mary Turley, and Tom Turley, all of Great Bend; Calvin and Florence Covalt, New Iberia, La.; Dillie Snodgrass and Helen Thorne, Nekoma; Chelsea Turley, Hutchinson; Gary, Jr. and Eve Turley and family, and Todd Turley, all of Cimarron; Nathan and Jackie Turley, Healy; Mary Zimbelman, Hutchinson.

LaCinda Griffin, Loveland, Colo.; Wendy McCoy, Autumn Tracy and Devin Thompson, Greeley, Colo.; Linda and Gary Harkness, Larned; Shareena Turley, Park City; Marietta Wright, Wallace; Bert Summers, Oakley; Brandy DeLoach and Jaimie Thrasher, Topeka; Sherri Turley and Steve Vayre, Bayfield, Colo.; Deon Lonnberg, Dodge City.

Larry and Pam Turley and Ellan Turley, and Christy Haydan, Stratton, Colo.; Christina Turley, Jason Leiker, James and Jonathan, all of Hays; Mark Stewart, Jr. and Vayrena Hamilton, Tribune; and Jason and Lacy Stevens, Colby.


Craft and gift items were auctioned off by Kurt Logan. Door prizes and gifts were given for the oldest, youngest and those who came the farthest.

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