High Plains Study Club takes field trip to Heartland Mill

Twenty members of the High Plains Study Group met on April 6 for a field trip to Heartland Mill, Country Oven and the restored Modoc City Hall.

We were given a tour of the new offices for the Heartland Mill and saw a video of the operations, mission and vision of this farmer-owned cooperative that is committed to providing quality organic grains or products.

Everyone enjoyed shopping for baked goods at the County Oven before touring the bakery and office building.

The trip concluded when members traveled to Modoc for a history of the community and a chance to see renovations to the City Hall Building.

Joy Cole was the hostess and served sunflower themed refreshments in the City Hall main meeting room.

No business meeting was conducted. Next meeting will be held at Jan Winter’s home.


The program will be given by Marilyn Miller on preserving “Your Story” for future generations.

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