Garden Club will no longer sponsor county fair flower show

Members of the Scott County Garden Club met for the first regular meeting of the year on April 18.

President Jeannie Compton began the meeting by reading the poem, “Gratitude,” from the book “The Gardener’s Guide to Life” by Criswell Freeman for a moment of meditation.

The meeting was called to order with members asked to “Give a Spring Gardening Tip” for roll call. Eight members answered with various useful ideas.

It was emphasized that despite some warm, spring days, it’s wise to be patient as late spring frosts and freezes are not uncommon in Western Kansas. May 5 is considered the 50-50 date for this part of the state.

Members were advised to cut back or cut out dead branches in trees and shrubs and not to plant too close to streets or alleys as the city often sprays these areas for weed control.

Minutes of the last regular meeting on Sept. 20 were read. A motion was accepted to reimburse Linda Meyer for materials used in the wreath she made which was given away during a drawing at the Christmas open house at the Modoc Town Hall.

Hostess Ruth Dunn showed the flyer that was given out at the open house with free seed packets to promote the Garden Club. Joyce Schmitt volunteered to check with the Scott County Library staff to see if they could use the remaining flyers and seeds for a Mother’s Day project in the preschool reading program. Modoc Miracles will provide potting soil if the librarians decide to plant the seeds.

There was a great deal of dialogue in response to a request from County Fair Board Secretary Kay Harkness to cut back on the Fair book entry rules and classes. After much painful and circular discussion, a motion was unanimously passed to relinquish oversight of the flower show.

Betty LaToush and Linda Meyer will co-host the May meeting which was moved forward to May 9. Members will meet for refreshments and business at the Modoc Town Hall and then proceed to Modoc Miracles for a greenhouse tour.


Interested community members are always welcome to attend meetings by contacting the hostess prior to the meeting date.

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