The art of ‘puttering’ is study club program

The High Plains Study Club met on Feb. 16 at the home of Sydney Janzen. Dorothy Hutchins, co-hostess, served a cherry cheesecake dessert.

The meeting was called to order by President Gwen Huck. Club collect and flag salute were recited by the 18 members present. 

The scheduled program and devotions were not given due to illness. 

A conservation report was given by Susie Gooden entitled, “The Conservation of Puttering - A Lost Art.” She defined puttering as a solitary activity that is always unhurried, yet very beneficial, if only to the putterer.

To putter you must abandon your “to-do” list and engage in such stress relieving activities as music, watching candles burn and rearranging things in your house.

Members were given a survey on leisure-time activities. Relaxing and thinking were the activities most closely related to puttering.  

Roll call was answered to, “Who was your first sweetheart?”

Lucky Dip was won by Marilyn Dryer. Joy Cole will bring it to the next meeting on March 2 at the home of Anita Hoeme. Co-hostess will be Susie Gooden.


A program will be presented by Jonathan LeBeau on “Internet Security.” The art and music report will be given by Dorothy Hutchins. 

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