USD 466 menu April 13-17

Week of April 13-17


Monday: Whole grain cereal, yogurt cup, apricots, fruit juice.

Tuesday: Biscuit and gravy, peaches, fruit juice.

Wednesday: Scrumptious coffee cake, applesauce, fruit juice.

Thursday: Breakfast quesadilla and salsa, pears, fruit juice.

Friday: French toast sticks, fruit cup, fruit juice.


Monday: Spaghetti and meat sauce, *chicken nuggets, french bread, cooked carrots, baked apples.

Tuesday: Burritos, *egg rolls, fried rice, Italian blend vegetables, Tropical fruit.

Wednesday: Hamburger on a bun, *chicken gorditas, seasoned potato wedges, lettuce, tomato and pickles, watermelon.

Thursday: Enchiladas, *fish sticks, chips and salsa, peas and carrots, pears.

Friday: Pizza quesadilla, *tuna sandwich, tater tots, winter blend, pineapple rings.


*second choice at SCMS and SCHS

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