4-H Club News-New Horizons

By Kylee Logan, reporter

New Horizons members at regional day

February was a busy, but fun month for the New Horizons 4-H Club. The monthly meeting was held Feb. 3. 

During our meeting, President Anna Miller informed members that summer camp will be moving to Rock Springs this year. It sounds like a fun place to go! She also told the club about her National Round-Up trip. 

Brooke Strine gave a talk about delivering her baby goats. 

Our club also met with the Lucky Clover 4-H Club on Mondays to practice our skit for Regional Club Day.  All of our hard work paid off because we got 2nd blue on our Mixed Nuts Laugh skit at Regional! Way to go New Horizons and Lucky Clovers!  

New Horizons also had several club members compete in individual contests at Regional Club Day.

Anna Miller received blues in senior impromptu and senior public speaking. Kylee Logan received top blue in jr. illustrated talk. Karlee Logan received top blue in jr. demonstration.

Lance Miller received top blue in jr. project talks. Karlee and Anna also helped with being door monitors.

Congratulations 4-Hers for doing so good!

Kylee Logan, reporter

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