4-H Club News-Rising Stars

By Christopher Pounds, reporter

Campers to Rock

Springs this summer

The Rising Stars 4-H Club met Feb. 10 at the Wm. Carpenter Bldg. President MariKate Crouch called the meeting to order. There were six members and two community leaders present. 

MariKate reported that the 4-H Council wants new designs for t-shirts and each 4-Her will have a chance to buy t-shirts. 

The club will be having the second annual dodge ball tournament on March 23 at the Shallow Water Community Center. There will be advertising and we will design a t-shirt for the event. 

Carol Ann Crouch reported that Scott County will not be going to Camp Jackson this summer, but instead the 4-Hers will be going to Rock Springs. Deadline for camp sign-up will be April 25. 

Camp Lakeside will be held June 13-14. Club members also filled out surveys. 

Christopher Pounds, reporter

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