• Rod Haxton, editor

Imperfection is part of God’s will

God is not perfect.

Yes, that’s difficult to accept about an allknowing, all-everything omnipotent being, but God makes mistakes.

We’re a perfect example of his imperfection. An entire planet inhabited by so many creatures with so many character flaws and moral shortcomings.

It’s not as though God hasn’t tried to fix His mistakes on occasion. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? The great flood?

And why so late with the 10 Commandments? Doesn’t that sound like the typical male - to look at the directions halfway through a project?

You don’t start the game of life and after two quarters jot down the rules. The NFL may not be able to get overtime figured out, or instant replay, but for all its flaws it has yet to start a game with one set of rules and finish with another.


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