Launching Gemini

Catapult project is an example of new initiative

When reading “The Castle and the Attic,” which is set in the Middle Ages, Ethan Shapland was particularly intrigued by the weaponry used in medieval times.

The Dighton sixth grader was so interested in what he’d read that he wanted to build a catapult - not just something to sit on the shelf in his home, but one that was large enough to actually be put to use.

“My teacher thought it sounded like a good idea and I began doing the research,” says Shapland, who successfully used the catapult to launch pumpkins in front of a large audience of cheering students at the Dighton football field last Wednesday afternoon.

With students providing the countdown, Shapland pulled the pin that sent pumpkins toward the goal posts 20 yards away with a couple nearly clearing the cross bar.


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