USDA’s inaction: Quicker response could have aided ag producers, hungry

The stories which have emerged over the past couple of weeks about tens of thousands of young pigs being killed at processing barns because of a COVID-19 backlog are gut-wrenching.

As packing plants have shut down, or been forced to reduce their processing capability due to more workers being infected by the coronavirus, the barns where hogs are being raised have had little choice but to euthanize piglets or drastically slow their ability to gain.

At the same time, millions of pounds of fresh produce are being dumped on the ground and allowed to rot against the backdrop of hundreds of thousands of people lining up at food banks.

To see this kind of food waste at a time when there’s such great need is unimaginable - except with an administration that has found itself ill-prepared to cope with the impact of this pandemic at every turn.





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