It takes effort to keep the romance alive

Yes, Valentine’s Day was a number of weeks ago. Maybe it was a great day, or maybe just another day of the month, but however it happened in your relationship is past history. What really matters now is how your romantic relationship is doing each and every day.

It’s wonderful when two people first fall in love. All kinds of exciting emotions and hormones begin to soar and usually the only goal is to keep one another happy.

But no, those feelings and accompanying actions don’t last forever for most of us. As time goes on we get buried in our everyday lives and often end up taking that other person more or less for granted.

So how do you overcome that problem and keep the romance alive? One key is to become almost business-like in how you handle the relationship. It may sound like work, but actually relationship maintenance can be very enjoyable.

Start by making time for the other person, just the way you would make time for a boss or co-worker meeting. Use a calendar or phone app to schedule times that are just for you and your significant other. You should also make calendar notes of other important dates - the day you first met, the anniversary of a special vacation, and yes, his or her birthday.


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