Naps may be good for heart health

In a new paper published in the journal Heart, researchers found that Swiss adults who took one or two daytime naps per week had a lower risk of heart problems, including heart disease and strokes, than non-nappers. Since inadequate sleep is a known risk factor for a host of health problems, including cardiovascular issues, naps’ ability to replace lost nighttime sleep could make them a healthy habit

Almost 3,500 Swiss adults ages 35 to 75 took part in the study. They provided researchers information about their napping habits, nighttime sleep, demographics and lifestyle information, and underwent a range of medical tests meant to assess their overall health. More than half of participants said they hadn’t napped during the week before the study began.

Of the nappers, 667 said they had taken one or two, 411 said they had taken three to five and 370 said they had taken six to seven naps.


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