Siegrist’s passion for local history makes guided tour among state’s best

Dennie Siegrist has given dozens of tours to the historic sites and landmarks that are unique to Scott County and the surrounding area. One might think that after all those trips, the retelling of the escape of the Northern Cheyenne to their homeland in southern Montana, or the plight of the Picuris who found a safe refuge at

El Cuartelejo in the area that is now Lake Scott, might have grown a little old. Not a chance. It’s not unusual to hear a little quiver in his voice as Siegrist tells why the Northern Cheyenne were escaping miserable conditions on a reservation in northern Oklahoma and were willing to risk everything to make the exodus that took them through Scott County. There’s no mistaking the passion he has when giving details of the Battle of Punished Woman’s Fork and how the Northern Cheyenne were able to escape the canyon during the night. “I guess it’s because I have some Indian blood,” says Siegrist.


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